We are TalentBlu tech talent agency.

Sometimes we provide the right tech talent, sometimes we build lean and mean solutions or deliver cleverly tailored company programs. At all times we strive to clearly envision the impact your company could make within your specific market, using cutting edge technology.

Our team equals a family of individuals with different backgrounds, education and experience, committed to fully master the power of their unique contribution and ready to co-create the future with you. Now is the right time to start shaping your business future!

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TalentBlu is founded by four friends with mutual interest in new technologies and the urge to positively contribute to the future of this world. Minding their human disability to actually foresee what the future will look like by the time their kids grow up and enter the workplace, they decided to create at least one place out there where they themselves would truly feel excited to become a part of.

At TalentBlu we believe that joining our forces enables us to creates an effect where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. TalentBlu is a place where human differences are perceived as our greatest advantages and where people need one another in order to create their biggest opportunities for success. It’s a place where the potential people bring, the dreams they have, the purpose they need to fulfill, more of importance is than their past performances.

We build teams who excel in their core strengths, always delivering the optimal value. We create the environment where all generations are granted the chance to explore their talents and grow to their best capabilities, guided through their growth-process, yet have been given the freedom to learn as they go and realize dreams of their own. By 2037 we see TalentBlu as a mother organization with many independent companies running within divers fields, all sharing the strengths-based approach to human excellence and all started by the inside initiative and grown organically.

Working with TalentBlu?

We are a 100% strengths based Tech Talent Agency. We bring tech savviness to your organization through expertise, education and tailored projects, using cutting edge technology in Data, Analytics, AI and Blockchain.

Excel with our talent

If you are missing a specific tech expertise in your team, hire our tech talent or let us help you develop yours.

Create better solutions

If you’ve got a specific problem that needs to be solved, let us build a solution and give you a positive advantage.

Upgrade your tech savviness

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the buzz around new technologies and you want to find out what part might impact your business existence.

Join our team!

Let’s shape the future of this world together for the better.

We are proud of the work we deliver and wouldn’t be successful without our brilliant team of dedicated people. If you’ve got the desire to become a part of a family-like, diverse and creative group of people in a fun and rewarding environment, than let us know you’d like to get invited!

Why you should join us?

Here you can be yourself and be with people who will support your ideas.

  • You can discover your most dominant talents
  • You can become a master in your chosen field of technology
  • You can have unique meaningful impact on your environment
  • You can work on projects with ‘hell yeah’ excitement

The Talent Academy

If you are a full-stack developer or you’ve got a great ambition to become one soon, this might be the right place and the right time to hit the apply button and show us you’re interested. We will do everything within our power to keep you informed!

Blockchain Program

Our in depth program will help you through multiple written and coded assignments develop and master tech skills needed to understand how the technologies that will fundamentally impact the way we live, work and relate to one another. Becoming the next tech talent is just as much about developing tech skills as it is about developing your most natural talents.

Strengths Based Development

While developing great tech skills helps you to become a master in your chosen field, your unique talents wil explain why you are better at some things than others. Your talents represent your innate power, potential and edge. Discovering and productively applying your talents is like finding the right fuel to skyrocket the your tech skills mastery.

Contact TalentBlu

TalentBlu is located in the impressive glass gate building of Arena Plaza, Diana & Vesta in Amsterdam. At 5 minutes from the four highways: A1, A2, A9 and A10 and in 5 minutes walk from Station Bijlmer ArenA. Easily accessible, plenty of parking space, bright architecture and equipped with fantastic amenities. Please feel welcome to pay us a visit.


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