Mission, Vision & Methods

“It is our MISSION to create the right conditions for growth and facilitate maximum performance on both individual and team level.”

In order to realize sustainable growth and increase profit it is our vision that developing strengths is the best way to maximize the potential of every individual within your team and your organization. We believe that helping people succeed in what they do best is the best way for an organization to excel throughout changing circumstances of nowadays business landscape.

The best-led organizations know that the direct path to individual, team, and organizational success begins with a primary investment in their employees’ greatest talents. The best leaders find what is naturally right with their people and build on it.

TalentBlu is the first agency to bring the Blue Ocean Strategy into practice as a vital part of the foundation for building successful teams with the goal to increase the financial performance of your organization. We prefer to work on the intersection of science and business practice. We believe where these two disciplines meet, surprising solutions for maximizing potential and increasing performance is born.

Nyenrode TalentBlu was founded on passion for value innovation and insights gained from an international talent management research. This study was conducted in 2012 by Martijn Spek and Haakon Scheepens, commissioned by Nyenrode Business University. Analysis of more than 100 international talent management studies and a thorough in-depth desk research led to the development of the Talent Management framework®.

This framework, with it’s integral approach, has been extensively tested in practice at a global ICT multinational. This study showed that strategic Talent Management can exponentially contribute to a stronger employer brand, retaining strategic talent and the increase of the financial performance. By bringing together the insights of this research with the methods of the Blue Ocean Strategy, we have found our unique approach aimed at maximizing team performance. Thus the legacy of TalentBlu was born.