Why We Do What We Do

At TalentBlu we believe that the success of the people and organizations depends on the development of their strengths. The best-led organizations know that the direct path to individual, team, and organizational success begins with a primary investment in their employees’ greatest talents.

If you want to maximize your employees’ potential and improve your organization’s performance, fixing your employees’ weaknesses is for sure not the way to go about.

Instead, imagine a team that has learned how the team members’ talents complement one another. They know that one of them is by nature strong in kick-starting a project by turning the ideas of two other team members in to action. Another team member, who effortlessly puts his thoughts into words, takes on writing the final report and presenting it to the team’s manager. Think about how effectively that group would collaborate.

The best leaders find what is naturally right with their people and build on it. At TalentBlu we help teams and individuals to discover their talents and help them to use their strengths in the most effective way.

Do you want to take your company from good to great? Do you aspire a more engaged team that is more effective and productive as well?

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Strengths-based Development

Did you know that your employees’ strengths make your company stronger? Make sure to read Susan Sorenson’s article on how Employees who use their strengths are more engaged, perform better, are less likely to leave — and boost your bottom line.

Lead with Strengths

According to Jim Asplund, Chief Scientist, Strengths-Based Development and Performance Impact Consulting, at Gallup, the success of the people you lead — and your entire organization — depends on the development of their strengths. If you want to stop fixing weaknesses and stop struggling on the path to mediocrity, discover Seven Reasons to Lead With Strengths.

When to work with TalentBlu?

In order to leverage our strengths, we are most likely to succeed in projects where we are able to apply our strongest talents. We naturally prefer working with and for the best. We also tend to ask many questions, trust our insights, move quickly and learn fast. Don’t get this wrong, we are not impatient, to us only action is real and we are really eager to move.

We might NOT be made for each other if…

You are in a business as usual situation, without a specific goal or a strong demand for taking action and creating alternative scenario’s in order to transform your team results.

But on the other hand..

We might be the perfect alliance to accomplish a near-perfect performance if you are a kind of a leader who has a specific goal to achieve, who strives for excelling his team performance, who believes in managing around the weaknesses of his team rather than fixing them.

Let’s set up a date and discus our potential cooperation!